The treatments and services available at the Filshie Clinic have a wide variety of benefits for you and your personal wellbeing. With such a full complement of services at the centre, the Filshie Clinic Practitioners are able to help with anything from an aching limb to adjusting your view on yourself and the wider world.

Take a look at the specific therapy and see what they are able to do for you and ways in which we can enhance and improve your overall wellbeing and life experiences.

Boost Immune System

Improve Wellbeing

Reduces Inflammation

Back Pain

Sports & Injury Recovery

Pain Management

Pain Relief

Reduce Stress

Anxiety Reduction

Promotes Harmony & Balance

Relax & Reduce Stress

Balance Mind, Body & Spirit

Treating From The Inside Out

Health Responsibility

Sole or Complementary Treatment

Improve Sleep

Ease IBS Symptoms

Reduce Hot Flushes

Improve Muscle Strength & Flexibility

Reduce Inflammation

Improve Cognitive Health

Reduce Or Eliminate Pain

Sports Injury Recovery

Manage Age-Related Issues