Andrew Kemp has been in practice since 1984.
He originally trained at The College of Traditional Acupuncture in Leamington Spa for three years, followed by one year with the Journal of Chinese Medicine which led him in a different direction than his initial training. Following two further years training in Chinese Herbal Medicine, when his tutor was the renowned practitioner Giovanni Maciocia, he studied for one month at Nanjing Hospital in China.

He has lectured extensively in Acupuncture and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) both in the U.K. and abroad and he was the first External Examiner for the Acupuncture degree course at Westminster University.

As a senior lecturer on the post-graduate Chinese Herbal Medicine course at the London College of Traditional Acupuncture,he instigated contact with Hangzhou TCM Hospital, subsequently running more than twelve trips there with students for clinical observation between 1999 and 2010.
This exposure to ‘front line’ Chinese Medicine has greatly influenced the way he currently practices.His work and research with some of the best TCM doctors led him to be awarded ‘Honorary Visiting Doctor’ status in 2005.
He currently practices at The Filshie Clinic on Monday and Thursday.

Please feel free to contact him personally if you would like to discuss treatment options before booking an appointment.


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Changes To Acupuncture Practice & Appointments

Book Appointment

Please telephone as usual to make an appointment in the normal way.

Contact your practitioner directly as usual or call the clinic directly.

0115 9625 888


Pre Appointment

The day before your appointment you will telephoned you to assess your current symptoms. You will also need to answer some ‘Covid secure’ questions. 

Please do not attend unless you have had this conversation.

Arrival At Clinic

Please arrive at the clinic promptly. All areas will be cleaned before your arrival and again on your departure so time is tight!

Our waiting room is now not used so you will, where possible, need to come by yourself. Toilet facilities are emergency only so please ‘go’ before you leave home.

Entering The Clinic

Your practitioner will be waiting for you inside the clinic. On entering you will given hand gel and a sterile face mask.

You will required to sign a consent form, so please bring a pen.


You then will go directly into the treatment room.

Your practitioner will have spoken to you previously during your telephone communications  so treatment will commence immediately. The practitioner will then leave the treatment room to minimise contact, but will check on you frequently.


Ongoing PPE (Personal Protection Equipment), sanitising equipment and products will be used throughout the clinic to maintain a safe environment and working environment for both patients and practitioners. This will ensure that the practice remains Covid secure status at all times.