We feel as practitioners it is important to understand what specific treatments can do for you and and how the services provided at the Filshie Clinic may impact on your life. There are  potential benefits and pitfalls to specific treatments and procedures, an it is important to understand these in the context of yourself. 

With this in mind, we have collated some of the experiences of our real life clientele and feel it is important that these voices are given a platform so that you can hear their experiences, in their own words. For obvious reasons, their names and personal details have been removed for data protection.

Disclaimer: These are experiences of individuals who have been treated by practitioners from the Filshie Clinic and are anecdotal testemony that do not represent rigorous scientific analysis or studies. 


Patient: Male, Mid/Late 30’s

Occupation: Teacher/Lecturer

Patient Feedback

In my late teens I was involved in a car accident which left me with cartilage damage in both knees. Over the proceeding 15 years or more I was treated by the medical profession with little to know effect other than to mask or dull the pain I experienced constantly, with varying degrees of short-lived success. This culminated in the only option being offered was for me to have full replacement of both knees through major surgery, at which time I was informed by the consultant that this potentially may offer some, little or no benefit and that it was possible that it could actually make the pain worse! The overriding words I took from this consultation was “this is a 50/50 operation that offers NO guarantees”.

Enter Mr Kemp and Acupuncture treatment. Through a recommendation of a friend I was steered toward acupuncture, purely from the perspective of pain management and relief. The first session gave relief that had not been experienced in well over 10 years form any drug or physio treatments facilitates by the Dr’s and consultants I had seen up to that point (and I’d seen a lot!). The benefits felt only lasted for around 36-48 hours initially, but this was something I was made aware of prior to the commencement of any treatment. Over the following weeks and months I went for weekly or bi-weekly sessions during which that initial experience of relief and pain free living was gradually elongated. As the benefits increased the intervals between sessions became longer and I continued to benefit from the treatment throughout the longer intervals to the point that now I only require treatment maybe once a year or so, usually when I’ve done something a little silly!

I honestly have no words that can quantify or qualify the benefits that acupuncture has brought to me and my life and I am certain that without this treatment I would be measurably worse off both physically and mentally.


Patient: Male, Early 40’s

Occupation: IT & Network Engineer

Patient Feedback

After falling from the top of an 8ft ladder at work and landing my lower back I suffered the obvious initial pain, which I simply treated with pain killers and rested as per medical recommendations from the A&E consultant. I believed I had made a full recovery, however around 8-9 months later I began to experience severe and debilitating back pain, something which I had never previously experienced. This forced me to take time off work and seriously impacted on my personal and family life.

Following a recommendation, I visited Angus @ the Filshie Clinic. He treated me over a number of sessions and pretty much completely resolved my issues and the reduction in pain was dramatic if not complete. I had never previously had any osteopathic treatment and was surprised at the benefits it brought me, as well as the impeccable and professional advice given to me relating to the treatment.


Patient: Male, Late 30’s

Occupation: Designer

Patient Feedback

During the process of receiving Acupuncture treatment it was noted that my body was “out of balance” and that some of the primary issues that I was being treated for were being exacerbated by this imbalance. These were mainly related around my digestive system and it was suggested that some treatment with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) may be beneficial in reducing, alleviating or removing the issues so that I could benefit more from the Acupuncture treatment itself.

I have to say that initially I was sceptical and unwilling to try this. However, after establishing that there was nothing to lose and everything to gain from the treatment, and the fact that the practitioner gave an inordinate amount of guidance, advice and support, supplying evidence based information for me to digest in my own time and at my own pace I decided to go ahead and give it a try.

Firstly (just as a disclaimer) the herbs that were prescribed for the treatment had to be cooked in to a tea and the smell was… lets just say, less that pleasant! BUT (and yes this is a big but), once I had begun to use the medicine and feel the benefits I was absolutely astounded to experience the benefits and how those benefits impacted on my overall health and recovery. Yes it wasn’t a pleasant smell or taste initially however, the benefits far outweighed any temporary unpleasantness and to clarify this was because of the specific treatment I received and is not normal.